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Commission some art!

Honey  Pastel 13" x 11"

Looking for a fantastic gift?

I'm happy to discuss all aspects of commissioning a portrait with you. 

Subjects may be a much-loved friend or member of the family - with either two or four legs! - a prize winning animal at rest or in action, or perhaps a family group. 

Best of Friends  Oils 20" x 30"

How we get started ...

I can usually work from your photographs, but where possible, I'd much prefer to meet the 'sitters' and make my own notes and sketches. I can help to choose a harmonious setting for the subjects, which may be in the surroundings of your own home or a favourite view. 

Rhumba  Pastel 13" x 11"

Let's get this going ...


Portraits can be in oils on canvas, pastels, watercolours or a drawing. A very wide range of picture sizes is available. When the painting is complete, I'd be pleased to help you in choosing a frame to compliment both the picture and your home.

I look forward to hearing from you!  Please call me, send an email or complete my contact form on this site and I'll get in touch.